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Our Reviews

Based on 123 reviews
Yumtown, USA

I've become a bit of a matcha snob and this has been my favorite yet! Not bitter, but instead balanced and delicious. Perfect for my matcha lattes in the morning. Since discovering this, I haven't had a single cup of coffee!

The best!

I love this company! The tea is very smooth and a little bit goes a long way! Love the energy it gives me without the anxiousness I get from drinking coffee. Thank you Ippodo!

Best matcha EVER

I've tried many different matcha powders out there, and this one is by far the very best! It's the highest quality and it's one of the least expensive powders you'll find. Probably because they know you'll be back for more in no time! Amazing product, great price, what's not to love? I've already ordered two more tins, I'm hooked!

My favorite!

Ippodo makes my favorite matcha! So smooth and delicious. I'll keep buying this forever!


product arrived in perfect condition. very light and balanced flavor. enjoying its potent benefits!

Best Matcha Around There is no going back now

I’ve tried LOTS of different matcha and I’m very paticular where/how it’s grown and the vibrancy of the green color of the tea itself. And the taste alone surpasses any matcha I’ve had. Smooth and slightly sweet because it’s so pure. There was delay in shipping only downfall with buying it on here.

So good

I love this matcha. Even though it's on the pricier side, it's so worth the quality and great taste! Would never buy from anywhere else.

Smooth and bright

Love the taste and texture of this matcha! Will keep getting for sure


Ippodo Matcha - Rich - Ummon-no-mukashi

Best Matcha Ever

Great quality matcha tea! Wouldn't buy any other kind. Menos is also exceptional customer service.

Great Product

I am new to Matcha and I absolutely loved your product and delivery came timely. I will definitely buy from you again.

Vanilla Brown Butter Ghee

Love this! Will definitely be getting it again.

Ippudo Matcha is the BEST

All three - Rich, Balanced and Smooth are completely delicious. Love the packaging too

So good!

The best matcha I’ve ever had! I’ll never go back to the stuff I used to buy at the grocery store. Ippodo wakes me up every morning!

Best. Matcha.

I love this matcha. It's so vibrant, and it really is so smooth.

Ippodo Matcha - Rich

This matcha is incredible tasting, and the texture is lovely. Very expensive, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it a regular thing. Worth the splurge every once in a while!

Best Matcha!

I’m hooked! The quality is unmatched and really shines through in its amazing taste. The morning ritual of making the matcha is worth getting out of bed in the morning.

Great Matcha!

Superb quality and delicious tasting matcha. I will be purchasing this product again

Ippodo Matcha

Arrived fast and is delicious!


Great price and value for a high quality product. Would definitely recommend

My favorites!

Definitely the tastiest ghee I've had so far. Love it!

Brown Butter Ghee


Plain Jane and Brown Butter Ghee

Am very pleased with the brown butter ghee and original plain ghee I purchased.


So good!


[VIP] Ippodo Matcha - Balanced


Best coffee in town!

Best Matcha

I love it! will most likely buy again and again!


Plain Jane: All-Purpose Ghee


Plain Jane: All-Purpose Ghee


I know my ghee. Its been part of my diet since childhood. Lee's Ghee is top notch quality, pure and delicious. I will definitely order again.


[VIP] Ippodo Matcha - Balanced

Great matcha

This matcha was very smooth and delicious!
I would definatly order it again!


Ippodo Matcha - Balanced

Quality! Quality! Quality!

I've been having Ghee since I was little so I set the bar high. Lee's Ghee is top notch quality. Smooth, tasty and real.


This matcha powder is super delicious and the best I have had! Customer service through the company in 5 star; quick shipping and delivery! Will definitely order from here again :)

Plain Jane: All-Purpose Ghee

Wonderful tasting ghee. Excellent customer service. Received my order in record time. Thanks Lee!


I forgot how delicious good quality matcha is! Thank you for helping me remember!


Love love love this tea ! Beat yet that I have tried, I will be ordering more soon

All purpose gee

It's very good.

Ummm only my favourite ghee!

Fantastic flavour. I don't bother trying other brands anymore. I seriously started eating bread again after 5 years as an excuse to get more of this stuff into my mouth.


Good correspondence. .

Plain Jane: All-Purpose Ghee
Plain Jane:All Purpose Ghee

Love the smaller size jars - great for traveling. Tastes great too.

new favourite meal: sweet potatoes fried in ghee

last weekend I fried sweet potatoes (which I like very much) in ghee, and they tasted even better so now I have a new favourite meal :-)

Gold Standard: Organic Turmeric Infused Ghee

I've used it so far for vegetables, a small quantity is enough to get good frying results and it also adds an excellent flavour

One of my favorites!

Definitely the smoothest, best tasting matcha I've had so far. Love it!

10 x Tarapoto Chocolate

I was very excited for this chocolate but when I received it it was discolored which happens when chocolate is old I think. The taste was okay, I've had better chocolate honestly.

As good as it can be

I've purchased a few bottles from the 2017/2018 olive oil campain, and the oil is consistent in its quality. Well done!


I'm repeatedly purchasing this olive oil, very happy with it !

Beurre Noisette: Brown Butter Ghee *New and Improved Recipe!*

Smells absolutely amazing. The noisette ghee is so delicious used in baking, to top pancakes alongside maple syrup, and blended into coffee for a "bulletproof" type drink. It's my favourite and I'd highly recommend!


Ippodo Matcha - Balanced